Cephonodes hylas

Cephonodes picus

Cephonodes kingii

Cephonodes janus

Gnathothlibus eras




Gnathothlibus australiensis

Daphnis dohertyi

Daphnis moorei

Daphnis placida

Daphnis protrudens



Acosmeryx anceus

Acosmeryx miskini

Eupanacra splendens

Pseudoangonyx excellens

Angonyx papuana


Cizara ardeniae

Nephele subvaria

Nephele hespera

Hyles livornicoides

Macroglossum vacillans


Macroglossum alcedo

Macroglossum insipida

Macroglossum heliophila

Macroglossum prometheus

Macroglossum joannisi



Macroglossum nubilum

Macroglossum corythus

Macroglossum rectans

Macroglossum hirundo

Macroglossum dohertyi




Macroglossum micacea

Macroglossum tenebrosa

Hippotion velox

Hippotion celerio

Hippotion rosetta


Hippotion boerhaviae

Hippotion brennus

Hippotion johanna

Hippotion scrofa

Theretra nessus


Theretra queenslandi

Theretra celata

Theretra indistincta

Theretra inornata

Theretra latreillii

Theretra tryoni

Theretra oldenlandiae

Theretra silhetensis

Theretra margarita

Theretra turneri





Zacria vojtechi








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