Unknown Thyrididae species.


< Wingspan: 28 mm >


Collected in upland rainforest 27th March 2015, Tropical North Queensland. Elevation 950 meter.


Not in ANIC collection and unknown to Ted Edwards (Ted Edwards pers. email), so it must be considered new to Australia and possible new to science.


Specimen has been DNA sequenced and sequence code lodged with BOLD. Sequence shows that it is not even close to any other Thyrididae species. This is the administror's comments:

"Finally your Aglaopus specimen has no close match on BOLD… I built a tree with all Aglaopus I have access to, see attached. This being said, the closest match on BOLD, when you do a blast, are exclusively sequences of genus Scoparia within the Crambidae. Sometimes this can be informative, but in this case we’re talking of a 10% distant closest match, so really we have very little hints about what this is… You need to go with morphology at this point :)"







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