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10th May 2016

Since I'm going to make some new changes and update all the photos, I'm not going to include the missing families at this stage. I want to make it a lot more difficult for others to use my photos in an unauthorised matter. As you probably have seen, some families are still missing in this update, but I have included a link to my old website (under buttons), so that you can access all families, but with the old classification.


22nd April 2016

Updated most of my website with new colors, new classification/taxonomy.

The remaining families will be included soon.

Everybody that works with Butterflies and Moths are familiar with the nightmare it is when it comes to classification/taxonomy, as there are changes all the time and different people have different opinions of where to place species. Previous families has become subfamilies, previous subfamilies have become tribes, species are placed in new genera etc..  There are completely new families, which includes previous families (which are now subfamilies) and the list goes on. In my revised classification/taxonomy for my website, I have tried to follow the most recent accepted classification/taxonomy. In most cases I have only followed the classification/taxonomy down to subfamily level, except where former subfamilies have been moved to tribe level.